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The first of the monthly installment of The Beat Suite.

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So instead of going out and fighting for social justice in america, most of you are watch Nicki’s fake ass bounce… Shame on your life.

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Part 2: Celebrities react to the Ferguson protests

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Omari Dixon, Emmanuel Lawal, April Alexander, Kae Kae -  ’The Origin’ 

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jo’lene Henry

PRINT DESIGN: Katarina Voloder

DESIGNERS: Stephanie Ghoussain, Katrin Salem, Samuella Palmer

MAKE-UP: Gina Blondell

HAIR: Aaron Blondell

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Detailed views of the blades on GE gas turbines at our Greenville, SC, facility. Footage captured by @seenewphoto

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“There was only one Saul Bass. He was a gentleman, a brilliant raconteur, a marvelous collaborator and, as I’ve said before, a truly great artist. And – let’s be honest – a giant.”
— Martin Scorsese

“Saul Bass wasn’t just an artist who contributed to the first several minutes of some of the greatest movies in history; in my opinion his body of work qualifies him as one of the best film makers of this, or any other time.”
— Steven Spielberg

“Bass fashioned title sequences into an art, creating in some cases, like Vertigo, a mini-film within a film. His graphic compositions in movement function as a prologue to the movie – setting the tone, providing the mood and foreshadowing the action.”
— Martin Scorsese

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"Sometimes I think I’ve felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out I’m not gonna feel anything new. Just lesser versions of what I’ve already felt." - Her (2013)

this film got me thinking about a whole lot..

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